Introduced Legislation

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HB 246- Allow recent college graduates to claim an income tax deduction for qualified higher education expenses and allow employers of recent college graduates to deduct the employer's costs of employing the graduate from the employer's gross receipts subject to the commercial activities tax.

HB 253- Revising practices with regard to the use of payroll debit cards to prevent mandatory issuance and excessive fees.

HB 270- To designate October 16 as "Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day."

HB 282- Authorize vendors and others required to hold a sales or use tax license whose business and home address is the same to apply to the Tax Commissioner to keep such address confidential.

HB 291- To make an appropriation to continue to fund the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children contingent upon a lapse in federal funding.

HB 374- To make an appropriation for additional funding for the Straight A Program.

HB 446-  To require the State Board of Education to adopt rules prescribing standards for safety enhancements to new public and nonpublic school facilities and to require the Ohio School Facilities Commission to revise its construction and design standards to comply with the State Board's standards. 

HB 481- To make survivors of part-time, reserve, volunteer, and certain other police officers killed in the line of duty eligible for benefits from the Ohio Public Safety Officers Death Benefit Fund; to increase the benefit payable from the Volunteer Fire Fighters' Dependents Fund to survivors of volunteer firefighters killed in the line of duty; and to make survivors of certain emergency medical personnel eligible for benefits from the Volunteer Fire Fighters' Dependents Fund.

HB 516- Allow a person who is convicted of an offense that, at the time of conviction, is excluded from the operation of the Conviction Record Sealing Law to apply for sealing of the record of that conviction if, prior to the making of the application, the offense is changed so that it no longer would be excluded from the operation of that Law.

HB 555- To require the Emergency Management Agency to operate the Individual Disaster Relief Pilot Program, to establish the Individual Disaster Relief Fund, and to make an appropriation. 

HB 556- To restore the application of the 10% and 2.5% property tax rollbacks to tax levies approved on or after the effective date of Am. Sub. H.B. 59 of the 130th General Assembly.

HB 570- To require that a portion of forfeitures assessed for violations or compliance failures resulting in property damage be paid to the political subdivision in which the damage occurred or to a political subdivision or state agency that incurred costs in remediating the violation or compliance failure.

HB 571- Authorize subdivisions to levy a fixed-sum emergency property tax for police, fire, or emergency medical services purposes.

HB 572- To provide that a portion of a condominium or planned community assessment is prior to other liens on condominium units and planned community lots and to provide that a condominium unit owners association lien is a continuing lien.

HB 610- To require the Director of Veterans Services to issue disabled veteran's certificates that prove service-related disabilities.

HB 612-  To establish a program of state financial assistance to counties, municipal corporations, and townships to help in defraying the costs of the county's sheriff, the county's drug task force, or the municipal corporation's or township's law enforcement agency in combatting the opioid abuse and heroin addiction epidemic and to make an appropriation.