Introduced Legislation

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HB 4- Provides that the amount of cocaine involved in a drug trafficking or passion offense, as measured for sentencing purposes, includes a compound, mixture, preparation, or substance containing cocaine

HB 55- To designate a portion of State Route 2 in Willoughby as the “L.Cpl. Bret. M. Polar Memorial Highway”

HB 60- To authorize the issuance of an enhanced driver’s license, enhanced commercial driver’s license, and enhanced identification card to facilitate land and sea border crossings between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, pursuant to an agreement with the United States Department of Homeland Security

HB 122- To establish a Regional Economic Development committee to study the benefits and challenges involved in creating regional economic development alliances

HB 144- To require motor vehicle operators to take certain cautionary actions upon approaching a stationary waste collection vehicle collecting refuse on a roadside

HB 186- Authorizes an income tax deduction for certain out-of-pocket higher education expenses paid by a person obtaining a degree or credential after or, under some circumstances, before the bill’s effective date

HB 232- Authorize, for six years, a personal income tax deduction for attorneys and pass-through entity law firms based on the number of hours the attorney performed pro bono legal work for indigent clients through a legal aid society and the expenses associated with that work

HB 270- Designate a portion of I-271 in Cuyahoga County as the “Captain Michael Palumbo Memorial Highway”

HB 330- Designate a portion of State Route 91 in Willoughby as the “Patrolman Jason Gresko Memorial Highway”

HB 422- To govern acquisitions of municipal water-works and sewage disposal system companies by certain larger non-municipal water-works or sewage disposal companies

HB 446-To prevent third parties from refusing to honor power of attorney documents properly drafted under Ohio Law

HB 449- Require the Department of Education to attribute any community school sponsor ratings an entity received during its relationship with a state university board of trustees to that entity even if it no longer has a relationship with the university

HB 497- Prohibit the nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images, otherwise known as “revenge porn”

HB 499- Creates the State Capital Improvements Pilot program (known as “Restore Ohio”) by a temporary transfer from the Rainy Day Fund

HB 511- Changes age at which can marry to generally provide that only persons of age 18 years may marry.

HB 538- To restore or increase the Local Government Fund back to its 2005 level

HB 544- Prescribe standards for school safety enhancements for use in the construction of new school facilities

HB 584- Extend an existing income tax deduction for unsubsidized medial insurance premiums to Medicare premiums

HB 586- Expands the homestead exemption by removing the income limit that restricts eligibility and by increasing the exemption amount from $25,000 to 30,000

HB 687- Designates the bridge spanning the Grand River that is part of Fairport Road in Lake County as the “Col. Donald Blakeslee Memorial Bridge”

HB 709- Adds shoreline improvement projects to the list of public improvements that may be financed by a special improvement district (SID)